What are you reading these days?

What are you reading currently? Fiction or non-fiction, any genre, any language! Tell us what you're reading, and talk a bit about it.

This is a recurring series of threads initially by @cadadr to encourage literature discussion and recommendations.

From Week 26 on @acdw has taken over posting these threads.

cadadr said:
This is the first instance of what I want to make a weekly recurring topic. I've asked here yesterday whether would people like it, and because that suggestion was supported w/ upvotes and comments, I decided to go ahead and start doing this. Because this is the first such topic, I'd be glad if you could answer these questions too: (1) weekly, biweekly or monthly; (2) on fridays or on mondays; (3) who should post these topics, me, or someone else? Any suggestions and objections are welcome!

Although each thread is numbered by "week", this topic series was posted roughly on a bi-weekly basis.

Threads by Week

The complete series can be found here.

Earlier threads by others

Some of the discussion threads made before @cadadr started their series.

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