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What is hiring in software engineering like for a person with a specialization? (e.g. computer vision)

(I figure I might have more success asking here than HN. Maybe I should get a lobste.rs account? If this is the wrong place, feel free to move.)

My background isn't in software engineering -- it's in ECE. The majority of my projects so far have been in implementing ECE theory, then evaluating those approaches experimentally. I may even pursue a master's focusing further on computer vision (image processing, data analysis, machine learning).

My work is software adjacent, but I don't know if it's what you'd typically think of when you hear "software engineering". Most of the hiring advice I see online, though, geared towards pure software engineering grads. Silicon Valley and FAANG dominate the conversation. So, I have trouble parsing what advice is applicable to me, and what's only relevant for others. (e.g. should I be throwing myself into Cracking the Code Interview, and practicing algorithms and data structures? Do I even need a master's to pursue my niche?)

How do I find out what's expected of me in a more specific field? How do I build a career that allows me to be a specialist, rather than a generalist?