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A dozen digital art images I've made over the last few days

The lovely people of a Discord server I'm in recently made me remember that, a couple years back in late 2014, I did some digital art in Photoshop (I might also add some of these to this topic if wanted). However, I run Linux exclusively now and I'm too lazy to figure out how to get Photoshop to work on it, so I figured I'd just try the next best thing and see if that can't do what I want. And sure enough it can.

The images below were all created with GIMP, using only its built-in default stuff. No scripts, plugins, images from the internet or other custom anything, just the tools it installs with. Some images have multiple variations, this is because I would be working on something and I'd find an interesting enough image to save in the process.

Edit: I've since made a website with all the ones I've made (more than a dozen) to host them more easily: