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US Federal Reserve treads cautiously into municipal market with loan lifeline

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    From the article: [...] [...]

    From the article:

    The [US] central bank announced on Thursday that it would lend as much as $500 billion to states and the biggest local governments to cover massive tax shortfalls brought on by the swift slowdown in the economy, preventing a wave of short-term debt sales from hitting the public markets. But it stopped short of swooping in to buy long-term debt to head off another sell-off like the one that erupted last month, as it is doing with corporate bonds, collateralized loans and commercial mortgage-backed securities.


    The step will ensure that states and the most-populous cities can raise money to keep operating as tax collections dry up while their economies grind to a virtual halt and annual filing deadlines are pushed back.


    The lending program is somewhat limited in scope, however, since it is open to states and the 10 cities and 16 counties that are big enough to meet the minimum population requirements, according to Census figures. While states would be allowed to borrow money for smaller governments that don’t qualify on their own, it’s not clear how willing they would be to do so on behalf of financially struggling municipalities.

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