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Short imagined monologues: "I am the designer of this restaurant's outdoor seating space, and this is my artist's statement"

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  1. spit-evil-olive-tips

    I am radically testing the limits of what it fundamentally means to be outdoors by erecting walls, putting a roof on top of those walls, and then insisting that it is still outdoors. This bold subversion of commonly accepted norms challenges and deconstructs “outdoorsness” as we know it. Moreover, by performing this act of deconstruction through a literal act of construction, I am illuminating the contradictory double nature of the mere act of existing. To this end, I search for the strange within the familiar, the indoors within the outdoors, the technically compliant within the clearly unsafe.

    My process for this piece was thoughtful yet improvisational, driven by curiosity and discovery. First, I imagined my ideal restaurant. Then, I built a smaller, more ramshackle version of that, and put it in the street. That was pretty much it.