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Free game: Meteor Missiles

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  1. xnaas
    From the developer in the /r/GameDeals thread:

    From the developer in the /r/GameDeals thread:

    Disclosure: I'm the developer of Meteor Missiles.

    I just published my first game and very excited !! I decided to put it out there for free.

    this game was heavily inspired by flappy birds physics and the endless scrolling levels on most mobile games, your duty is to just simply dodge the missiles coming at you and try to earn higher scores

    It was built using Love2D/Lua, and Paint .Net for drawings

    I have very limited art capabilities so I tried to make it as 1-bit art-style and to reduce the visual complexity, I call it a very modest first game

    I learned so many things doing it and would love if you guys would try it out.

    Thank you so much !

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