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Coronavirus FAQ’s by Dr. Megan Murray (Harvard Infectious Disease specialist)


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    Maybe add this to the Wiki? Of interest: [...]

    Maybe add this to the Wiki?

    Of interest:

    Will Covid-19 go away with warmer weather?

    [...] multiple observers note that Covid-19 has already circulated widely in Singapore where temperatures are in the 80s F. Several studies have compared the epidemic growth rates in different areas in China with differing levels of absolute humidity and found that changes in weather alone would be unlikely to reduce COVID-19 incidence without the implementation of public health interventions.


    Even if Covid-19 transmission declines with increasing temperatures in the Northern hemisphere, the virus has already been detected in the Southern hemisphere and transmission in those regions could intensify as the weather there cools down.


    What are other consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic?

    One of the consequences of the Wuhan epidemic is that people who needed medical care for other conditions have not been able to obtain that care because hospitals and medical staff are at full capacity dealing with the virus. News reports describe people in the region who have been unable to get dialysis or chemotherapy for the past month. So far, we have been unable to obtain data on whether general mortality has increased in Wuhan as a result of this lack of access to care. It is worth noting that during the Ebola epidemic, rates of maternal mortality increased because of the effect of Ebola on the availability, uptake and outcomes of maternal and newborn health services in Sierra Leone.

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