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Air Force moves 500K coronavirus test swabs from Italy to US

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    From the article: [...] [...]

    From the article:

    The Pentagon on Wednesday confirmed that the Air Force has moved 500,000 coronavirus testing swabs to the United States from Italy.

    An Air National Guard unit transported 500,000 swabs – used as part of the process to test for COVID-19 – from Italy to Memphis, Tenn. The swabs were then loaded onto FedEx aircraft and distributed around the country as directed by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Defense Department spokesman Jonathan Hoffman told reporters.


    The Defense Department has made its 14 coronavirus testing labs available to analyze samples. As of Tuesday, 936 patients had been tested in its facilities.

    The military has 89 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, including 49 active-duty service members, 19 family members, 14 civilian and seven contract employees, the Pentagon announced Wednesday morning.

    Fourteen of the 89 have been hospitalized.

    Goldfein said seven of those who have been infected by the virus are active-duty airmen.


    Similar missions are expected in the coming days as the military ramps up its support for pandemic-response efforts

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