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No coronavirus cases from community transmission in two weeks, New South Wales Health confirm

Article: No coronavirus cases from community transmission in two weeks, NSW Health confirm


New South Wales has recorded 31 new coronavirus cases in the past 2 weeks, but all these new cases have been in returned international travellers. Returned international travellers are forced to spend 14 days in quarantine (in 5-star hotel rooms) before being let loose on the Australian populace. So, these cases are not contributing to the pandemic in Australia's population.

New South Wales, the most populous state in Australia, has achieved zero community transmission. Most other states and territories have already achieved this, or are very close to achieving it.

The worst state in Australia for community transmission is Victoria, which has 1 or 2 cases of community transmission turn up every couple of days.

On another note, there are reportedly 432 active cases of coronavirus infections across Australia (or 450, depending on the source). However, that number of active cases exceeds the total number of new infections recorded across the country for the past month. I believe it's likely that some health departments (notably NSW's) are failing to follow up recovered cases, so that recoveries are understated and active cases are overstated.

Elimination of the coronavirus in Australia was tantalisingly close leading up to the protests last weekend. We're still waiting to see the outcome of those.

Fingers crossed!