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Visitors return to Spain as coronavirus state of emergency ends

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  1. skybrian
    From the article: [...] [...] And here's a tweetstorm about why this is a terrible idea.

    From the article:

    Overseas visitors have begun arriving in Spain once more as the country reopens its borders and the three-month state of emergency declared in response to the coronavirus pandemic comes to an end.

    As the second most-visited country in the world, Spain is desperate to reactivate its vital tourism sector as soon as possible. The government has launched a publicity campaign called Spain for Sure in an effort to reassure visitors and fire up the industry, which makes up about 12% of the country’s GDP.


    Much will depend on the return of UK tourists, who make up the largest national group among Spain’s foreign visitors.


    Until now, people visiting Spain from abroad have been obliged to undergo a 14-day quarantine, but the requirement lapsed at midnight on Saturday when the state of emergency ended. Now those arriving will have their temperatures taken at the airport, undergo a visual assessment and will be asked to provide their contact details.

    And here's a tweetstorm about why this is a terrible idea.

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