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How "Unser Mitteleuropa" is building a network of right-wing media in Europe

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    From the article:

    From the article:

    Investigations conducted by CORRECTIV.Faktencheck show that the “European Media Cooperation” includes more than 25 websites – from conservative to far-right – and that it has links to several right-wing parties. Examples of partners mentioned there are Compact Magazin and the right-wing American think tank Gatestone Institute. Compact Magazine is under observation by the German domestic intelligence services and was classified as “demonstrably extremist”.

    This media cooperation follows a simple principle: Unser Mitteleuropa reproduces and translates their reports and helps them – and itself – to have a larger, international outreach. The site also spreads false information and stirs up hate – and gets hold of exclusive interviews with well-known right-wing politicians, such as the Austrian FPÖ politician Herbert Kickl or the AfD Member of the Bundestag Petr Bystron.

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