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US Interior Secretary Zinke’s own agency watchdog just referred him to the Justice Department

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    The Hill is reporting that the Trump administration may have tried to stop the probe by the Interior Department's Inspector General by replacing them with a Trump appointee....

    The Hill is reporting that the Trump administration may have tried to stop the probe by the Interior Department's Inspector General by replacing them with a Trump appointee.

    The Interior Department’s internal watchdog referred its investigation of Secretary Ryan Zinke to the Department of Justice (DOJ) more than two weeks ago, just days before it was announced that Interior would be getting a Trump political appointee to replace its acting inspector general, two sources confirmed to The Hill.

    Ben Carson, head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), told his staff on Oct. 12 that Suzanne Tufts would be leaving HUD to replace Interior's longtime acting inspector general (IG) Mary Kendall -- after the watchdog referred its probe to DOJ, according to two government sources with knowledge of the timeline.

    One source described the timing as "incredibly circumspect" and raised questions about whether the plan to have Tufts fill a position traditionally occupied by a career staffer was in reaction to the investigation that was referred to DOJ.

    “The IG office is not only in charge of investigating the secretary but keeping the entire agency kind of in check. The movement of a political appointee with no oversight experience into that role kinda makes it look like that move was to stymie that investigation or keep an eye on what was going on internally.”


    This is pretty par for the course with the Trump administration doing everything it can to stop investigation's of its wrongdoing or hold the government accountable for its actions, here are just a few recent examples

    The Supreme Court shielding the Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross from answering questions


    The White House limiting the scope of the FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh


    Trump repeatedly telling his Attorney General to unrecuse himself and stop the Mueller Probe


    The Department of Education breaking up its investigative unit exploring the abuses of for-profit colleges, right after a former dean from for-profit college DeVry was named the team's supervisor


    The House GOP voting behind closed doors to gutting its ethics oversight office


    I can go on, but it is very depressing reading how much the Republican party has engaged in run away corruption over the last two years.

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