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This is why Indian teens kept spamming Prime Minister Modi’s Instagram with thirsty comments

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  1. intuxikated

    “I realise this spam is more about attention than impact at this point, especially since teenagers like us aren’t a good enough vote bank for the government,” says 17-year-old Priya, who commented as a way to unleash her fury against systemic oppression and a crumbling healthcare system. “But we hope to see it evolve over time.” Priya points out that though this wave of dissent via fairy comments is a nascent method that may not amount to much, its main strength lies in how casually hilarious it is. “Humour, especially the dark and absurd type, is the best way to grab a young person’s attention at a time when terms like ‘woke’ and ‘feminism’ are getting stamped with assumptions of being preachy and annoying.”

    Priya is aware that young people like her have been dismissed for being “snowflakes” for talking about issues like injustice, climate change and casual micro-aggressions. “They may not listen to us now, but we are the generation shaping the future, and we’re pissed. This is our way of giving intolerant boomers the proverbial middle finger, mixed with whimsical fairy dust.”

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