Tildes financials

This page is a view into Tildes's financials: operating expenses, income from the various donation methods, and the overall goal for monthly donations. Currently, it only contains data for July 2020, but more historical data will be available eventually.

Amounts on this page are in USD unless otherwise noted. Even though Tildes is a Canadian non-profit, many of its costs and donations are in USD. People from other parts of the world are also generally most familiar with the relative value of USD, so using it makes this info more understandable to everyone.

This page and the donation goal meter on the home page do not update in real-time. I will generally try to keep them current within a day or two (and automate some pieces eventually), but new donations will not show up immediately, and this information may be incomplete or outdated.

The current donation goal is $3,000.00 per month.

Tildes's progress to sustainability

July 2020 donations

Tildes is a non-profit site with no ads or investors, funded entirely by donations.

Please donate to support its continued development! (more details)

The actual costs solely to keep Tildes running are much lower than this (see table below), but this represents the amount that I believe will make Tildes truly independently sustainable. It will cover all of the operating costs and also allow me (Deimos) to pay myself a somewhat respectable (but low) salary of about $35,000/year. This goal may not be achievable in the near term, but it is the point where I will be comfortable focusing on Tildes without still needing to find additional outside income.

Please donate—any amount will help get us closer to the goal!

July 2020 expenses and income

Note: Most amounts are approximate, due to currency conversion, incomplete data, or uncertain fees.
DNS hosting ($29.95 annually) $2.50
Email hosting ($50.00 annually) $4.17
Domain name renewals - 5 domains ($72.62 annually) $6.05
Server rental costs ($141.73 CAD) $107.00
July 2020 total expenses $119.72
Stripe - Recurring donations $4.60
Patreon - Monthly pledges $101.13
GitHub Sponsors - Monthly contributions $482.00
GitHub Sponsors - Matching fund $482.00
Stripe - One-time donations $4.50
July 2020 total income (so far) $1,074.23