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lunch date. (the love poem.)

Today I found a girl

Who was pretty nice

To me.

She made me stop and talk

And rest

and breathe.

She said your stomach growls,

Your legs

Are weak.

How’d you like to come

And sit

With me?


And my how time it flew

And passed

Us by.

Lunch turned into tea

Turned in-

to night.

The way her body curved

It shaped

My mind.

And then her laugh,

Her smile,

Her eyes.


Would you mind if I stayed

For an hour or two

Or three?

We could sit and talk

And laugh

And crawl between the sheets.

And maybe I can stay the night

Or two

Or three?

And you’ll hold onto me.

And we can spend forever

Cus talk

Is cheap.

And maybe nights will

Slowly carve a curve and crash on

Into weeks.

Maybe we’ll be cuddled

On the couch or sipping

Sex on the beach

Maybe I could stay

For life, just

You, and me.