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boats. (or, Kintsugi Bitch.)

I was a kintsugi bitch

A dull, forgotten, broken pot

And then you fixed me up


You lined me with your own

dweomercrafted brand of gold

Lac, Mel, et Saccharum


And when you’d starve me for attention,

Fed me more from your breast

Til you filled me up


And then I’d look you in the eyes

Sugar broiling in the stomach

Am I pretty now


Lost, full, and quite ignored

When you had leapt onto the floor

And said we’ve got to go


I grabbed your hand and followed blind

My stomach churned I lagged behind

You were the love I know


You said we’re going to the sea

My dear you’ll spend a life with me

We’ll make the waves a home


And I smiled ear to ear

Cheeks were blushing like a deer

Am I pretty now


And then we made it to the bay

quickly climbed into a boat

They never have to know


We headed south for centuries

They cannot take the memories

I never hunger now


And after weeks of solitude

A stranger came into the view

There was another boat


My stomach burned, concerned,

Not a soul had stood astern

You produced a rope


You gave a gentle kiss

And slid the twine across my wrists

And tied them into knots

Dipped my legs into the water

Either hand tied either helm

Stretched into a cross

I looked up at you in fear

Just to see you’ve disappeared

I started crying out.

My stomach burned under the water

And the sun was getting hotter

And I’m all alone.

I pleased come to feed me

Don’t leave me weak, depleting

I got no response.

The fish were getting curious

Flies buzzed something furious

They knew what I did not

That if you leave out milk and honey

In the heat, in weather sunny,

It’ll start to rot.


Months had passed in sickly motion

Head leaned back, my eyes were open

I died long ago.

The bugs ate at my open mouth

My skin was yellow, wrought with drought

My throat housed a mold

The waters smelled of sulfate

As the serpents ate my stomach ache

My blood has washed away

The rope gave up on hope and

Threw my purple, molten corpse into the ocean

Am I pretty now?