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New Music Nordics – Album and EP releases for March 2022


Artist Title Format Released Genre Link
Andreas Odbjerg Hjem Fra Fabrikken Album 4/3/22 Indie pop Spotify
Croatian Amor Remember Rainbow Bridge Album 25/3/22 Ambient Bandcamp

Only two Danish finds for the inaugral NMN post. Förlåt! Andreas's album title probably gives a clue, but it's a Danish language release. Don't be put off by the funny language though, and check out the track “i morgen er der også en dag”, with over 8 million Spotify streams.


Artist Title Format Released Genre Link
As I May Karu Album 4/3/22 Metal Spotify
Babel Yoga Horror Album 4/3/22 Indie pop SoundCloud
Kuolemanlaakso Kuusumu Album 4/3/22 Death doom Bandcamp
Lone Deer Laredo Lone Deer Laredo, Vol. 2 Album 18/3/22 Dream pop Spotify
Louie Blue DIVISION 8 Album 18/3/22 Pop Linkfire
Pehmoaino Kaukana Kotoa EP 11/3/22 Pop Spotify
Von Hertzen Brothers Red Alert In The Blue Forest Album 18/3/22 Prog rock Spotify

I can get behind Babel's album title and the music there on it. “Eden” is a dream-like opening track from a band compared in the media to the shoegazers Slowdive and also the Cocteau Twins. I hear a little Casey Dienel's “White Hinterland” in there.


Artist Title Format Released Genre Link
Axel Flóvent Coexist EP 11/3/22 Indie folk href+
Moddi Bråtebrann Album 18/3/22 Indie folk Bancamp
Suð Save The Swimmers Album 15/3/22 Lofi Spotify
Thorsteinn Einarsson Einarsson. Album 25/3/22 Pop rock Spotify
ÞAU Taka Vestfirði Album 11/3/22 Folk SoundCloud

It's not just album releases covered on NMN, but also beautiful EP's, like Axel Flóvent's. The instrumental title track “Coexist” might not have the obvious popularity of the other tracks, but it carries a melancholic piano very reminiscent of some of Aphex Twin's tracks on “Drukqs”.


Artist Title Format Released Genre Link
Jenny Hval Classic Objects Album 11/3/22 Singer songwriter href+
Laughing Stock Zero, Acts 3&4 Album 4/3/22 Prog rock Bandcamp
Sondre Justad En Anna Mæ Album 25/3/22 Pop SoundCloud
Team Me Something In The Making Album 11/3/22 Indie pop href+

For those of you that missed it, Jenny Hval gave an interview to The Guardian that was posted to Tildes earlier in the month. In it they talk to Rachel Aroesti about their life and how changes in it guided the making of the avant garde musician's new album “Classic Objects”.


Artist Title Format Released Genre Link
Dark Funeral We Are The Apocalypse Album 18/3/22 Black metal href+
Ghost Impera Album 11/3/22 Hard rock href+
Hilding Hilding Är Död Album 25/3/22 Lofi Spotify
Imenella Gemini Album 11/3/22 Hip hop Spotify
Jonathan Johansson Om Vi Får Leva Album 11/3/22 Synth pop Spotify
José González El Invento (Remix) EP 9/3/22 Indie folk href+
Laleh Vatten Album 25/3/22 Pop Spotify
Léon Circles Album 4/3/22 Pop Spotify
Loom Asymmetry EP 10/3/22 Shoegazing Spotify
Lucky Lo Supercarry Album 25/3/22 Electropop Bandcamp
Meshuggah Immutable Album 31/3/22 Extreme metal Spotify
MFMB Sugar Album 25/3/22 Rock Bandcamp
New Horizon Gate Of The Gods Album 4/3/22 Power metal href+
ORD Hemligheter På Vägen Album 21/3/22 Piano Bandcamp
Pure Shores Nightfall Feelings EP 4/3/22 Dance pop href+
REIN & Djedjotronic Transmutation EP 11/3/22 Electronic Bandcamp
Sabaton The War To End All Wars Album 4/3/22 Power metal href+
Tobias Bäckstrand Heal Album 18/3/22 Folk Spotify

Being based in Sweden means that this list is inevitably the longer of them. There are some great pop releases in March, especially with Lucky Lo's catchy release “Supercarry” among them. But for international name recognition, they are all overshadowed this month by the first new Ghost LP since 2018.