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    1. First image from the James Webb Space Telescope

      @NASA: It's here-the deepest, sharpest infrared view of the universe to date: Webb's First Deep Field.Previewed by @POTUS on July 11, it shows galaxies once invisible to us. The full set of @NASAWebb's first full-color images & data will be revealed July 12: https://t.co/63zxpNDi4I pic.twitter.com/zAr7YoFZ8C

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    2. Nauka module docks with ISS and performs uncommanded thruster firings, bringing ISS 45 degrees off nominal attitude; crew was never in danger

      @Chris Bergin - NSF: Rob Navias with the NASA TV overview.ISS went 45 degrees out of attitude. SM (automatically reacted) to the issue, and then Progress thrusters were commanded to place the ISS back in the proper attitude.30 mins to the ability for MCC-M to command the safing of the thrusters. pic.twitter.com/5XIiJInVub

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    3. Defunct Soviet satellite and Chinese rocket body have 1-20% risk of colliding in Low Earth Polar orbit over Antarctica

      @LeoLabs, Inc.: We are monitoring a very high risk conjunction between two large defunct objects in LEO. Multiple data points show miss distance <25m and Pc between 1% and 20%. Combined mass of both objects is ~2,800kg.Object 1: 19826Object 2: 36123TCA: Oct 16 00:56UTCEvent altitude: 991km pic.twitter.com/6yWDx7bziw

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