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Resources for watching, reading, discovering, and learning about anime and manga on the internet.

Streaming Services

Use to see what services a particular anime is on.

Service Description
Crunchyroll The default anime streaming site for most purposes due to dominance in securing simulcasts and decent backlog. Limited library outside of the US. Primarily for subtitled anime.
Funimation Decent library, many included anime are exclusive. Library skews older than other services. Particularly useful for dubbed anime.
Netflix Limited library, occasionally have exclusive currently airing anime but do not simulcast, instead they release all at once after completion.
Hulu Solid backlog with less of a skew toward recency than other services.
Amazon Prime Video TV Anime Anime Movies Limited library, still has many classics that are not on other services.
VRV Crunchyroll, FUNimation and a few others in one, currently US-only(?), some anime are not shared
Yahoo View
TubiTV Mostly old anime but decent catalog
Viewster "Moving"

Manga Reading

Service Description
Viz Extensive library, new chapters for the former Weekly Shonen Jump are free to access but the back catalog requires a paid subscription.
Manga Plus
Crunchyroll Extremely limited library, but comes with the CR subscription.

Databases and Tracking Sites

Site Description
AniDB Essential all-encompassing anime database. If info has been compiled anywhere, it'll be here.
AniList Tracking and community site, integrates with AniChart.
MyAnimeList Historically the default tracking and news site, has struggled lately due to security issues. A jack of all trades.
Kitsu Tracking site.
Anime Planet
Baka-Updates Manga Database for manga and webtoons.


Site Description
AnimeNewsNetwork The default source for most anime news in English.
Anime Herald News, interviews, and editorials.

Reviews, Opinions, and Essays

Site / Person Description
AnimeFeminist Opinion articles, reviews, and recommendations from a feminist angle.
Glass Reflection / Arkada YouTube reviewer.
The Canpia Effect YouTube video essayist, has a particularly strong focus on highlighting anime staff and following careers
ThePedanticRomantic YouTube video essayist, often focused on social justice or related issues in anime.
The Cart Driver / Day with the Cart Driver Well-loved anime blogger with a very large back catalog of reviews, retrospectives, and opinions worth diving into.
Under The Scope YouTube video essayist and reviewer.
Pause and Select YouTube video essayist with a more "academic" and serious approach than most.
Mother's Basement YouTube video essayist and reviewer, work is much lighter than the others listed here.

Misc Tools and Toys

Site Description Use to determine what legal streaming services have a particular anime.
AniChart Use to browse the current season of anime and those that are upcoming. Primarily for planning what anime to watch in a new season
Sakugabooru Compiles sakuga, come here to explore and discover particiularly beautiful cuts of animation. Choose a random anime to watch from your AniList, Kitsu, or MAL profile. Watch/listen to your favorite anime openings and endings. You can search by AniList or MAL profiles too. Automated calendar showing airtimes for current anime series. It also shows release dates for anison singles and features AniList/Taiga integration.

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