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The U.S. wants Mexico to keep its defense and health-care factories open. Mexican workers are getting sick and dying

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    From the article: [...] [...]

    From the article:

    Mexico’s federal government said it would leave open “businesses necessary to confront the emergency,” but left the implementation to individual state governors, whose approaches have been mixed. In many cases, companies deemed essential in the United States have had their operations shuttered in Mexico. Mexican state officials have broadcast unannounced visits to factories live on social media, ordering them closed as workers looked on.


    The closures have shaken major U.S. government contractors, whose work is deemed essential north of the border, but not south of it. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has not clarified whether U.S. defense or health-care manufacturers should remain open.


    Across the manufacturing industry, the closures have left U.S. suppliers deeply worried.

    “We get reports of more shutdowns and reopenings every day,” said Hardwick, of the aerospace industry group. “The guidelines keep changing. It feels like it depends on individual health inspectors and factories. Our companies play by the rules. It’s that the rules are inconsistent.”

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