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New Music Nordics – Album and EP releases for April 2022


Artist Title Format Released Genre Link
MALU Evergreen EP 8/4/22 R&B Spotify
Nicklas Sahl Outside The Lines EP 8/4/22 Indie pop Spotify
Sara Futtrup Jordens Åndedrag Album 29/4/22 Pop SoundCloud
Springer Sleepwalk EP 29/4/22 Pop rock Spotify
Thorium Danmark Album 29/4/22 Death metal Bandcamp
Throwe Forfald Album 29/4/22 Blackened hardcore Bandcamp
Tina Dickow Bitte Små Ryk Album 1/4/22 Singer songwriter Spotify
Where Did Nora Go Undivided EP 1/4/22 Indie pop Bandcamp

Six additional Danish finds this month for our second-ever NMN. Bättre! Astrid Nora is the eponymous name behind Where Did Nora Go. “Under” is their fifth EP, written largely during Covid19 lockdown, with songs crafted to be beacons of hope in a time of fear.


Artist Title Format Released Genre Link
Ada Aik The Mysterious Life Of Ada Aik Album 29/4/22 Experimental pop Bandcamp
Nelli Matula Kiltti Tyttö Album 1/4/22 Pop Spotify
Stoned Statues Stoned Statues Album 22/4/22 Metal href+

Ada Aik is a Finnish experimental pop musician. Their debut concept album is imagined around the story of a dollhouse, with each room representing an emotional state such as depression or fear. These themes extend beyond the music into visual media which can be further explored on their website.


Artist Title Format Released Genre Link
MIMRA Finding Place Album 1/4/22 Electropop Bandcamp
Seabear In Another Life Album 1/4/22 Indie folk Bandcamp
Snorri Helgason Víðihlíð EP II EP 29/4/22 Indie folk Spotify

Indie folk band Seabear hold a special place in the hearts of many Icelanders. Ten years have passed since their previous album, so the cozy and imaginative folk sound of “In Another Life” has been warmly embraced. Their music video to “Parade” was posted to Tildes last week.


Artist Title Format Released Genre Link
The Good The Bad
And The Zugly
Research And Destroy Album 8/4/22 Punk rock Bandcamp
Gundelach ShapeShifter Album 29/4/22 Electronic Spotify
Klossmajor Ordner Seg For Snille Jenter Album 8/4/22 Pop Spotify
Lyse Netter Fra Diskolys Til Midnattssol Album 1/4/22 Pop SoundCloud
Michelle Ullestad SOL EP 1/4/22 Indie pop Spotify
Röyksopp Profound Mysteries Album 29/4/22 Electronic href+
Sondre Lerche Avatars Of Love Album 1/4/22 Indie rock Bandcamp
UNDERGRUNN UNDERGRUNN Album 6/4/22 Hip hop Spotify

For the big release this April we turn to Norway, where it doesn't get much bigger than Röyksopp. “Profound Mysteries” has been released to stellar reviews, with reference made to a darker, more haunting sound from the band. The visualizer music videos by Jonathan Zawada certainly amplify this feel.


Artist Title Format Released Genre Link
Arre! Arre! We Ride The Universe Album 8/4/22 Riot grrrl Bandcamp
Clara Mae Learning Experience EP 8/4/22 Pop Spotify
Hater Sincere Album 6/4/22 Shoegaze Bandcamp
The Hellacopters Eyes Of Oblivion Album 1/4/22 Garage rock Bandcamp
Henning Skymningsmusik För Dagdrömmare Album 8/4/22 Instrumental Spotify
Hällas Isle Of Wisdom Album 8/4/22 Prog rock Bandcamp
Jonas Lundvall Second Wind Album 29/4/22 Folk Spotify
The Land Below Forgotten Dreams Album 29/4/22 Indie pop Spotify
Slowgold Kärlek Album 22/4/22 Pop Spotify
Swedish House Mafia Paradise Again Album 15/4/22 House href+
Weeping Willows &
Gävle Symfoniorkester
In Concert Album 22/4/22 Pop rock Spotify
Wolf Shadowland Album 1/4/22 Heavy metal Spotify

We should really be talking about Swedish House Mafia's debut studio album, twelve years after the release of their debut single. But the real gem among the Swedish releases this month is the return of Slowgold. Their song “Väntar” from 2017 still sees regular rotation in our house...

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