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Blind Channel – Dark Side (2021)

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  1. mycketforvirrad
    Blind Channel wins UMK 2021 in Finland with “Dark Side”

    Blind Channel wins UMK 2021 in Finland with “Dark Side”

    “Dark Side” is an anarchic anthem to parties in the dark, so say Blind Channel before adding that it perfectly condenses the core of the group. “We want to show that even if life is darker and harsher, you can still have fun. This song is for all those who feel outward and inadequate, who have sometimes made up their minds to raise the middle finger and shout. We claim that there are many such people in the world, and Eurovision is a celebration of unity, in whatever form!” There won’t be a live audience at UMK, but Blind Channel created the track with one in mind. “We wanted this song to hook me up immediately and get the listener to the fair”.

    The group describe the sound as “violent pop”. And indeed, “Dark Side” is littered with many disturbing references. The most notable is the 27 Club. This is a list of notable musicians, artists and actors who have died at 27. It includes Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse.

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