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What are you doing this week?

This is a place for ongoing discussion about the things you plan to do or have accomplished recently, even if that's nothing at all.

Or, if you want to just talk about how you're feeling, this is a good place to do that too.

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  1. hungariantoast
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    A couple of the plans for this week: A person is coming to see (and hopefully buy) my 928 tomorrow, which is neat. I've had a few people inquire about the car since I started talking to friends...

    A couple of the plans for this week:

    • A person is coming to see (and hopefully buy) my 928 tomorrow, which is neat. I've had a few people inquire about the car since I started talking to friends and family about selling it, but this is the first person who actually wants to come see the car. A little excited, since I might actually be able to sell it before classes start, but it also means I have to go outside, in the heat, and wash the car today.

    • I've got a bunch of different subjects and ideas that I would like to eventually include on my "blog" (which I am still building). I need to settle on what the next blog post is going to be about and actually write it. Trying to do one post a month, so I have until the end of August, but I also want to get it out sooner rather than later. I thought I already settled on what the next post was going to be about, but I've started writing outlines and little snippets for several more ideas that I'm not sure what I want to run with yet.

    • I keep stumbling across people talking about Notion, so from today until Friday I am going to be using it to replace my workflow for task management, note taking, and other PIM stuff. I don't actually plan on "converting" to Notion, but I can't deny that it's an interesting service. I'd totally love to steal some of its ideas for my own PIM program idea that I'm never going to create.

    • I'd like to build a personal OpenStreetMap rendering server, and tie it into a personal Overpass-Turbo service. Couple big reasons for doing this:

      • The main servers at openstreetmap.org have been slow lately.
      • When editing OSM with an editor like JOSM, there's a small limit on how much data you can download to edit at once, because you're downloading that data from the main OSM server. Running my own server, I could theoretically pull as much data into the editor as I want.
      • While Overpass-Turbo allots a generous amount of usage to users for free, I'd like to routinely run larger queries that would quickly (and unfairly) put me past their allotments.
      • I'd like to run my own instance of the Tasking Manager (example task) to help facilitate my mapping of Houston. This would be self hosted, but I'd like to make it a publicly accessible instance so other users could help contribute. (I've also thought about doing a MapRoulette instance as well.)

    Just to expand a little bit on the OSM stuff, this isn't something I actually expect to get done this week, but I do plan on starting my attempt this week. I've heard some horror stories with getting rendering and tile servers running properly, so we'll see how it goes. I haven't even looked at the documentation for hosting instances of the Tasking Manager or MapRoulette, but the general consensus from the people I talked to about those services is that they aren't that hard to set up. Should be fun!

    The reason I want to host my own Tasking Manager though, is that it offers a very nice way to keep track and progress through large projects collaboratively with multiple mappers. MapRoulette similarly "gamifies" the process of editing the map, which also makes it great for tackling larger projects together. The ultimate end goal of this idea would be to have a service running where I could reach out to other local mappers, users of /r/openstreetmap, or even users here on Tildes to collaborate very closely on editing the map.

    Finally, I didn't even bother improving the recent Wikipedia page that I wrote. Actually just writing the page (and the immediate response it received) has kind of sapped all my inspiration. I would like to rewrite it this week though, as well as continue updating it with additional sources as they become available. We'll see.

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