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Add descriptions to tags in the autocompletion menu

GitLab issue:

When adding tags to a topic, there is an autocompletion menu that becomes available when you begin inputting tags. The tags that are included in this autocompletion menu are the commonly used tags for whichever group it is that the topic belongs to.

There are also three "global tags" that show up in the autocompletion menu regardless of which group the topic belongs to. They are nsfw, spoiler, and coronaviruses.covid19.

(In the future, I imagine more global tags will be added as well.)

What I would like is, when typing out the tags for a topic and seeing the autocompletion suggestions, for there to be a short description for the global tags, and many of the popular tags (as makes sense), that explains why or when the tag is used.

For instance, I tagged with topic with the suggestions tag. When typing the word "suggestions", the relevant tag was made available in the autocomplete menu, so that I could quickly select and apply it to the topic without having to type the entire word out. What I am suggesting is for there to be a short description after the word "suggestions" in the autocomplete menu. Something like:

suggestions - For topics that suggests an idea for the site or community

Obviously that's just a quick example, but hopefully you understand by now what it is that I am suggesting.

I feel like just by adding short descriptions to these tags, we could make the process of selecting the correct tag, and understanding the overall way tags are used on Tildes, a bit less daunting for newcomers who want to get involved in the folksonomy.