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[Pilot] Pose

Pose (imdb)
Airing on FX since June 6.

Centered around a group of mostly black LGBT people in NYC, towards the end of 1980s.

Main themes seem to be social acceptance, underground culture and pursuing one's dreams.

Nothing is terribly new, there's a bit of Billy Eliot and a lot of RuPaul's Drag Race, especially at the beginning (but all throughout). It is however pretty dynamic and entertaining. Seems to have a good mixture of fun, drama and social discussion.

Characters are well presented and generally likable, they seem real enough although a bit exaggerated, but I guess that's part of the setting. Cinematography is good, nice shots, I think I can see some of Feud's style as well.

There are some intimate moments and character development through unsaid actions, which is always nice. Some of the poignant moments were a bit cliché though.

All in all, good start, interesting enough, will keep watching for now. I'd say 7/10 for the pilot.