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Prolific Manga Creator Hideo Azuma Passes Away at 69

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  1. Deva
    I will be pasting Tweet from @otakujp verbatim below- Direct link

    I will be pasting Tweet from @otakujp verbatim below-
    Direct link

    Pioneer of bishojo (cute girl) manga, father of lolicon and alcoholic, Hideo Azuma passed away at the age of 69 due to esophageal cancer. Created Little Pollon, Nanako SOS, Disappearance Diary, etc. We would have no moe culture if it were not for you. R.I.P.

    Hideo Azuma made his debut 1969 with a comedy, continued to create sci-fi, absurd, nonsense,etc. and gained a popularity by his cute girls. Father of lolicon inspired Rumiko Takahashi and many followers.

    Manga industry had been divided into "major" or "minor" until 70's. Azuma published on major magazines, but surprisingly participated the Comiket with his doujinshi. He broke invisible barriers and Otaku culture invoked. He was called "the Big Minor" with respect.

    After heavy working, he was addicted to alcohol. Quit manga, depression, disappearance and homeless. This experience was published as Disappearance Diary, which won the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize, Angoulême🇫🇷 and Gran Guinigi🇮🇹.

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