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Google Voice is going to be integrated with Hangouts Chat

I was a bit worried about the future of Google Voice with the demise of Hangouts, but I got an email from GSuite about classic Hangouts today, which linked to this support page. Coming to Hangouts Chat are:

  • Enhanced video calling experience

  • Google Voice integration

I included the video calling line because I thought it was a bit odd for Chat to have that - I thought that's what Hangouts Meet was for (though it certainly wouldn't be the first case of Google making a redundant product). In any case, if Chat is going to have video calling, it's not much of a stretch to assume it'll also have voice calling for Google Voice, in addition to SMS/MMS.

Self-post instead of a link post because I want to highlight just 2 bullet points in the support page that wouldn't be obvious if I just linked the page. I wasn't sure if this should go in ~tech or ~comp, but ~comp seems to have more non-link discussion than ~tech.

Edit: Somewhat related, I found a news article about the Google Voice 5.7 update. They've created some interesting Google Calendar integrations, which makes sense since Voice will be available in GSuite this March.