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How “MobileAid” and machine learning-based targeting can complement existing social protection programs

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  1. skybrian
    From GiveDirectly's blog: [...]

    From GiveDirectly's blog:

    In this blog, we propose a new paradigm for delivering social protections, which we call MobileAid. This approach combines (1) machine learning-based targeting with (2) recipient self-enrollment and (3) contactless delivery via mobile money. We discuss the lessons learned from deploying MobileAid in Togo, and describe how governments and NGOs can use MobileAid to complement their existing social protection systems.


    To date, the Government of Togo has been able to use MobileAid to remotely identify, enroll and pay 35,000 individuals living under $1.25 a day in Togo. The approach is now being scaled to pay more than 110,000 individuals with emergency cash transfers.