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Champions of Regnum f2p open RvR team pvp mmorpg is having is anniversary event tomorrow

In case anyone is interested, tomorrow 24 May 2020 is the anniversary of the launch of this indie mmo. Regnum is one of the largest indie mmos in the latin speaking world. The game is f2p and is quite simple -- 3 realms warring for fun over forts and invasions. it's very casual, so you can join in the war, or just hang around and chat, laugh at the fortunes of war, or go grind a bit etc. https://www.championsofregnum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=112175
If you guys have questions, I can try to answer.
It runs on really low spec pcs too (and runs on Maxc and Linus very well).

(if you are totally new to the game, the anniversary event is usually hugely packed out, so you may find lag during these few days in the war itself)