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Onslaught TD / belated RIP

There was a flash game I used to really enjoy called Onslaught2 Tower Defense.


I remember it had a unique combo-mechanic which I've never seen replicated since.

Over the years, I've often wondered about these games I used to spend so much time with, what their developers got involved in later and expected to eventually discover a developer who got started making a flash games that I used to enjoy.

Tonight, I was curious enough to revisit this game and decided to dig a little bit in order to learn about the developer's current work. I found his website linked on his newgrounds profile. The site references the game and a bunch of other services - it looks like a time capsule. Googling the name on that blog, I discovered that he passed away in 2011.


RIP Gaby, I wish I could have seen what you might have done.