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    1. Nintendo Direct 9.13.2018 - Recap

      Host: Shinya Takahashi 3DS Announcements: Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn - Available 2019 The 2010 Wii game comes to Nintendo 3DS. Includes all stages from the Wii version plus additional abilities, new...

      Host: Shinya Takahashi

      3DS Announcements:

      • Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn - Available 2019
        The 2010 Wii game comes to Nintendo 3DS. Includes all stages from the Wii version plus additional abilities, new Devilish Mode (a time attack mode), and new minigames

      • Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey - Available January 11, 2019
        Added Bowser Jr. story

      • Luigi's Mansion - Available October 12
        The original Luigi's Mansion is coming to the Nintendo 3DS with a new 2 player co-op mode. If both players ows the game one will play as a green blob version of Luigi. If only one own the game the second player will be able to use Download Play and challenge bosses.
        4 Amiibo are compatible with the game.

      • Yo-Kai Watch Blasters - Available now
        Free content coming later on Spetember 27. Adds Moon Rabbit Crew to the title screen, with bonuses for linking save datas, new missions, new areas, new Yo-Kai to befriend, and new boss.

      Switch Announcements

      • Luigi's Mansion 3 (working title) - 2019
        A new game in the Luigi's Mansion series

      • Splatoon 2 update, Ver.4

      • Mega Man 11 - Available October 2
        8 bosses.
        New double gear system, you can slow down time or powerup your attacks.
        The two Mega Men Amiibos are compatible.

      • Mario Tennis Aces update - Available September 19
        New characters: Birdo (all around), Shy Guy (Technical), Koopa Paratroopa (Technical) and Petey Piranha(Powerful). Can be acquired by playing online
        New updates coming until next June
        New mode: online only Co-op Challenge, available for limited periods of time. Will unlock in-game rewards such as new outfits, different color schemes and more.

      • Capcom Beat'em Up Bundle - Available September 18
        Includes Final Fight, The King of Dragons, Captain Commando, Knight of the Round, Warriors of Fate and two first-time console releases: Armored Warriors and Battle Circuit.
        4 player local and online co-op
        Pre-order available now

      • New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe - Available January 11, 2019
        New characters: other than Mario, Luigi and Toad now you can play as Nabbit and Toadette.
        Nabbit doesn't take damage from enemies
        If Toadette powers up with a super crown she transforms into Peachette who can double jump, float slowly during free falls and get a boost back up when she falls into a pit.
        Includes New Super Luigi U. 164 courses between both games
        Single player Joy-Con, up to 4 player co-op.

      • Katamai Damacy Reroll - Available Winter 2018
        Gyro controls, Hd Rubles, Joy-Con controller sharing

      • Pokèmon Go Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee - Available November 16
        Secret tecniques replace HM moves. Only your Pikachu and your Eevee can use them. They can also learn certain powerful moves. Only them.
        In handheld mode you can use touch screen to pet your Pokèmon and change its hairstyle depending on how you've petted it.
        2 new bundle that will include a Nintendo Switch system with specially designed dock, Pikachu and Eevee style Joy-Cons, one digital copy of the game and the Pokèball Plus accessory.

      • Diablo 3: Eternal Collection - Available November 2
        All Dlcs are included. Up to 3 players local and online co-op.
        Nintendo Switch exclusive: Ganondorf's armor.
        All Amiibos figures are compatible

      • Super Mario Party - Available October 5
        New 4 player co-op mode River Survival
        You can connect two Nintendo Switch in the Toads Rec Room mode.
        Characters' specific dice block with alternate numbering.
        80 minigames.
        Single player modes: Challenge Road (play thtough a series of minigames and complete specific tasks)
        Online Mariothon minigame mode (challenge other players around the world with 80 minigames to choose from)

      • Town (Working Title) - Availabe 2019
        Game Freak presents a brand new RPG set in one single village. Looks like story will be a major part in this incoming game

      • Citis Skylines Nintendo Switch Edition - Available today
        Includes two DLCs: After Dark and Snowfall

      • Daemon Ex Machina - Available 2019*
        Mech Game.
        You can change weapons on the fly and you'll keep them for the whole game if you manage to return them to your base. Long range and melee weapons.
        You can exit your mech to explore the field on foot. You can make enhancements to you human character and your mecha abilities will be augmented as well
        Up to 4 player online co-op

      • Yoshi's Crafter World - Available Spring 2019
        New Yoshi game.
        Local Joy-Con Co-op

      • Asmodee Digital tabletop games
        NOT A BUNDLE
        Full adaptation of best-selling tabletop games made by Asmodee Digital. They are the following:

      • Carcassonne - Available December 2018
        3D maps, solo mode, 4 player local multiplayer mode. Game's famous expansions available as paid DLC

      • The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game - Available April 2019
        Play alone or alongside a second player.
        Story driven quests

      • Pandemic - Available March 2019*
        solo mode, 4 player local multiplayer mode
        Individually priced DLCs based on popular expansions.
        More is on the way: Catan and Munchkin

      • Sid Meier's Civilization VI - Available November 16
        4 player local multiplayer

      • Starlink: Battle for Atlas - Available October 16
        Exclusive missions for the Nintendo Switch with Star Fox, Peppy, Falco and Slippy from the Star Fox universe.

      • The World Ends with You Final Remix - Available October 12
        Square Enix RPG

      • Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna - The Golden Country - Available September 21
        Go back in time with this Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC
        Owner of the Season Pass can already download this new content

      • Warframe - Available November 20*
        Free to play co-op space ninja shooter game. Needs connections all time to play.

      • Just Dance 2019 - Available October 23*

      • Fifa 19 - Available September 28
        Available for pre-purchase tomorrow (9.14.2018)

      • Team Sonic Racing - Available this winter

      • NBA 2K19 - Available now

      • NBA 2K Playground 2 - Available this fall
        NBA arcade game

      • LEGO DC Super-Villains - Available october 16*

      • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle Remaster Edition - Available 2019
        GCo-op action RPG, with new online multiplayer mode.
        New areas added in dungeons.

      • Final Fantasy XV Poket Edition HD - Available today

      • Worlds of Final Fantsy Maxima - Available November 6
        New feature added: Avatar Change. It allows yo to transform into legendary characters from across the series storied history.

      • Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy! - Available this winter
        2007's Final Fantasy Fable Chocoboc Dungeon returns
        You can now befriend all the monsters
        Joy-Con local co-op multiplayer

      • Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age - Available 2019
        Comes to a Nintendo system for the first time
        New Speed Mode

      • Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD Remaster - Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019 separately

      • Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Available November 2
        Isabelle (Animal Crossing) joins the fight!
        Hardware Bundle that includes a Nintendo Switch system with specially designed dock, a pair of Joy-Cons with the Smash Bros Symbol on them and a digital copy of the game.

      • Animal Crossing - Nintendo Switch - 2019
        A new game in the Animal Crossing series

      • GameCube controller adapter and GameCube controller Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition - Available November 2 while supplies last

      Nintendo Switch Online membership

      Begins on September 18 with the following prices:
      1 month 3.99 USD;
      3 months 7.99USD;
      12 months 19.99 USD;
      12 month Family Membership up to 7 people 34.99USD.
      Includes 5 features:

      • Online play, a variety of games is supported
      • 20 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games. You can find the complete list here. New title coming up. Includes local and online co-op.
      • Save Data Cloud
      • Smartphone App. Incluses: voice chat in certain games, additional infos in certain games (e.g. Splatoon 2)
      • Special Offers. No details, more to announce in the future.

      NES controllers for Switch - Available for pre-purchase starting September 18 on Nintendo.com
      Nintendo Switch Online membership and Nintendo Account are required for the purchase.
      Left and right wireless controllers that you can use to play NES games with on the Switch. Recharge the same way as normal Joy-Cons.
      Contrllers do not include Joy-Con functionality.
      Orders are expeced to ship starting this December.

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