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This page is a work in progress, ultimately intended to provide a curated list of active LGBT resources. While the nature of lists means that not every resource on here is guaranteed to work or continue to exist at all times, the hope is that this list will provide enough resources that you'll find at least something on it useful. All links on this page, unless noted otherwise, are known to work as of January 4, 2020. Should you be unable to connect to one of the sites, try accessing them over HTTP instead of HTTPS. If you don't have wiki permissions, please send a message or @deing if you find a dead link or have additional resources to suggest for this page.

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Charities, Support Groups, etc.

Gender Identity Clinics


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Viale Benedetto XV, 6 - 16132 Genova, Italy
Centralino: +39 010 5551

Might have changed name, still active as of 2018. Seemingly the only Italian hospital following the WPATH protocol. Large backlog of people, expect ~3 weeks to get an appointment. The phone numbers available online about it are mostly wrong, and calling S. Martino's centralino (+39 010 5551) is probably the best option.


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