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New Music Nordics – Album and EP releases for May 2022


Artist Title Format Released Genre Link
Jada Elements Album 20/5/22 Pop lnk.tt
Junkyard Drive Electric Love Album 13/5/22 Hard rock Bandcamp
Lucer The New World Album 20/5/22 Hard rock Bandcamp
Modest Friend Album 6/5/22 Indie rock Bandcamp
Pil Kom Vi Flyver, Siger Du Album 13/5/22 Electropop Spotify
Sonic Girl Confessions Album 23/5/22 Pop Spotify

Commentary: A rock heavy selection coming out of Denmark for this month. So in typical fashion, I'm gonna skip over the generic guitar riffs and angsty lyrics this May and focus instead on the crisp pop voice of Sonic Girl. The track “hackerboy” is worth a listen just for the shoehorning in of antivirus and IP addresses!


Artist Title Format Released Genre Link
I Am The Night While The Gods Are Sleeping Album 6/5/22 Black metal Bandcamp
Madboiali 22 Album 27/5/22 Hip hop Spotify
Mary Ann Hawkins Mary Ann Hawkins Album 20/5/22 Surf rock Bandcamp

Commentary: Where Denmark failed with rock, Finland might just have delighted this month. The country is synonymous with death metal, so imagine my surprise to find a source of surf rock in the band Mary Ann Hawkins. Their track “Hawkinsmania” is an espresso shot of frenetiscism.


Artist Title Format Released Genre Link
Bear The Ant Unconscious EP 26/5/22 Psychedelic pop Spotify
LÓN Thankfully Distracted Album 15/5/22 Rock Spotify
NEVERNEVER Glorious EP 11/5/22 Alternative rock Spotify

Commentary: Iceland is a small place, with 366,000 people and counting, so sometimes pickings are low. But they do say quality over quantity, and that's what we have here. The names behind NEVERNEVER have some real pedigree in the music industry and are led by the strong vocals of Klara Elias.


Artist Title Format Released Genre Link
Humle Døgnvill Album 20/5/22 Pop Spotify
Sigrid How To Let Go Album 6/5/22 Pop href+
TrollfesT Flamingo Overlord Album 27/5/22 Folk metal Bandcamp

Commentary: In April Norway took the crown for the month's biggest and best release with Röyksopp's newest. They've done it again! Sigrid's follow-up to her debut album, “How To Let Go” is a real banger, with stand-out track “Mirror” destined for summer playlists all across the Nordics.


Artist Title Format Released Genre Link
Bjorn Rydhog New Day Coming EP 20/5/22 Pop SoundCloud
Friska Viljor Don't Save The Last Dance Album 13/5/22 Indie Rock Spotify
Jens Lekman The Linden Trees Are Still In Blossom Album 4/5/22 Baroque pop href+
Jireel MOTY Album 6/5/22 Rap Spotify
Karakou Via Dolorosa Album 13/5/22 Pop Spotify
Lykke Li EYEYE Album 20/5/22 Indie pop Bandcamp
Miynt Lonely Beach Album 6/5/22 Experimental pop Bandcamp
Olof Wallberg We Album 27/5/22 Indie pop Spotify
Omar Rudberg OMR Album 27/5/22 Pop Spotify
Omni Of Halos Care Free EP 20/5/22 Rock SoundCloud
Orkan Livsgaranti Album 13/5/22 Prog rock Spotify
Paula Jivén The Duality In Me EP 6/5/22 Pop Spotify
Sahara Hotnights Love In Times Of Low Expectations Album 6/5/22 Rock Spotify
Svart Ridå 18 Minuter Av Ditt Liv EP 13/5/22 Experimental pop SoundCloud
Tusse Happiness Before Love EP 20/5/22 Pop Spotify
Vero Unsoothing Interior Album 6/5/22 Indie rock Bandcamp

Commentary: Four years since the previous album, it's great to have Lykke Li back. “EYEYE” is a brutally melancholic album, with heart-felt lyrics taking centre stage. Margaret Farrell at Pitchfork had this to say: ‘Her music is a companion to sorrow in the same way the sun is a companion to the morning.’

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