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Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix semi-final 3 - songs and results

(For the previous two semi-finals, it didn't occure to me that the Danish national selection is also named Melodi Grand Prix, so from now on I'll be adding the country to the title.)

Last night was the third semi-final of the Norwegian national selection (Melodi Grand Prix). This year there are 5 semi-finals, one for each region of the country, plus five songs that automatically qualify for the grand final.

Last night four songs from Middle Norway competed for a spot in the grand final:

Alexandry - Pink Jacket

Kristin Husøy - Pray For Me

Sie Gubba - Kjære Du

Thomas Løseth - Vertigo

The qualifier was Kristin Husøy with her song Pray For Me, which will face 9 other songs in the grand final on the 15th of February. One of the automatic qualifiers were also presented during the show:

Akuvi - Som Du Er

Previous semi-finals:

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Found a better video of Sie Gubba.