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Republicans adopt Andrew Yang’s cause. He isn’t celebrating


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    From the interview: [...]

    From the interview:

    YANG: That’s what freaks me out about the whole thing. What we’re doing is saying things like ‘keep your social distance' and trying to stop the spread that way, which is fine. But we have shit for data. Like, we don’t know what the infection rate is. And so, there’s no reason we would ever be able to give the ‘all-clear.’ If you don’t have any data, this whole thing is a nightmare that doesn’t end. When you close schools, what gives you the all-clear to say, ‘Okay, open them again?’ Nothing. There’s no data to compare it to. This whole thing is a fear-based approach with no end in sight. There’s no catalyst to ever sound the all-clear. This whole thing is so fucked up.


    ALBERTA: [...] So, if you were president right now, is there any one immediate action that you would take that the president has not yet taken?

    YANG: I think the nature of that guidance has to be different, personally. I think they need to be transparent about what kind of data we’re relying on, to give people a sense of the timeline. Right now, our sense of the future is so cloudy. And you get the sense the president went from not taking this seriously to suddenly realizing its seriousness, and now we’re reacting in various ways to slow the spread of the virus. But then what? I would be clearer as to what the timeline looks like, what data we’re going to rely upon, how we’re going to get that data, what steps we’re taking to increase testing capacity, and just give people a sense of the future.

    We need to know now what the future can look like under different scenarios, and then be presented with what scenario we’re in when that time comes. We’ve been on lockdown for half a week. Right now the American people don’t have any visibility into whether it’s going to be four more weeks or four more months, and we don’t know how those judgments are going to determined. As president, I would say, ‘Look, here’s the information, here’s the dashboard, here’s what we’re lining up, here’s what we’re hoping for, here’s how circumstances could change, and thank you for doing your part—if you proceed with like the rest of the country in flattening the curve and keeping things under this level, then we can look forward to this.’ You know, so we could actually have a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

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      Yang goes on to say: Later he says, alluding to the idea that the Republicans are calling for what may as well be a proto-UBI: As to how Yang feels about Trump and other Republicans leaning on his...

      Yang goes on to say:

      Well, certainly I never imagined that I would suspend my campaign in February and then we would agree to pay $1,000 a month to Americans in March. (Laughs hysterically.) That was not something I could have imagined. But, here we are. This pandemic is jeopardizing the material wealth of tens of millions of Americans. They can’t leave home to work and put food on the table because their kids can’t go to school. Most Americans have very little in the way of savings. There’s this fanciful notion that people can afford to stay home from work for weeks on end. But most Americans can’t. So, you can imagine families where their savings are depleted, their access to credit is limited, it’s possible even that some of the places that they would go to get food or supplies may not be functioning at capacity. Things get very dark and very bleak very quickly. And if you’re looking from a national scope as to how to improve things, putting money into their hands resolves some of the worst concerns very, very quickly. It’s a common-sense solution. Actually, it’s the only solution [my emphasis].

      Later he says, alluding to the idea that the Republicans are calling for what may as well be a proto-UBI:

      If they send [the payments] out around, let’s say the end of March, and then this crisis drags into June, then clearly whatever money we sent in March will have been exhausted. It’s one reason why we need to make this regular and predictable and say, look, as long as the economy is locked down then you’re going to get this every month.

      As to how Yang feels about Trump and other Republicans leaning on his passion project, he had this to say:

      Like, the idea that somehow this is a political plus for [Donald Trump], it’s clearly not. Right now, we’re in a crisis and he needs to help the American people.

      All in all, I conclude that Politico's title is slightly misleading. Yes, a period is used instead of a comma in "Republicans Adopt Andrew Yang’s Cause. He Isn’t Celebrating," since actually those clauses are not related, but all of that information is packed into one title to make it more clickbait-y than it should be. Ultimately the tl;dr is that Yang has criticisms of the Trump administration's handling of things, but he's largely in agreement on the push for direct payments, no matter how long they last, assuming grocery stores stay open.

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