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This series of threads were initially started by @wanda-seldon and anybody is welcome to make their own contribution on a subject.

wanda-seldon said:
In an effort to get more content on Tildes, I want to try and give an introduction on several 'hot topics' in semiconductor physics at a level understandable to laypeople (high school level physics background). Making physics accessible to laypeople is a much discussed topic at universities. It can be very hard to translate the professional terms into a language understandable by people outside the field. So I will take this opportunity to challenge myself to (hopefully) create an understandable introduction to interesting topics in modern physics. To this end, I will take liberties in explaining things, and not always go for full scientific accuracy, while hopefully still getting the core concepts across. If a more in-depth explanation is wanted, please ask in the comments and I will do my best to answer.

Quantum Physics

Basics of quantum physics

Topic Date Subtopics Author
Spin and quantisation part 1 01 Nov 2018 spin, quantisation @wanda-seldon
Spin and quantisation part 2 03 Nov 2018 superposition, observing, collapse @wanda-seldon
The nature of light and matter part 1 16 Nov 2018 light, matter, wave-particle duality, photoelectric effect, double-slit experiment @wanda-seldon

Introductions to advanced topics

Topic Date Subtopics Author
Spintronics 18 Jul 2018 spintronics, electronics, transistors @wanda-seldon
Quantum Oscillations 28 Oct 2018 quantum oscillations @wanda-seldon
LEDs 10 Nov 2018 leds, electronics, diodes, semiconductors @wanda-seldon

Classical physics


Topic Date Subtopics Author
Thermodynamics part 1 07 Nov 2018 energy, work, heat, systems @ducks
Thermodynamics part 2 13 Nov 2018 equilibrium, phase changes, ideal gas @ducks
Thermodynamics part 3 24 Nov 2018 @ducks

Privacy and Security

Topic Date Subtopics Author
Part I 08 Mar 2019 privacy, security, usa @suspended
Part II 11 Mar 2019 privacy, security @suspended
Part III 19 Mar 2019 privacy, security @suspended
Part IV 25 Mar 2019 privacy, security @suspended

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