Recommended Extensions


This is a list of browser extensions recommended by members of the Tildes community. Each extension added to this list should have a link to where it was recommended on Tildes, as well as links to any of the browser marketplaces where the extension is available.
Please do not add extensions to this list without a comment or topic recommending them on Tildes.


Name Recommendation Firefox Chrome
AdGuard Link Link
Bitwarden Link Link
Dark Reader Link Link
DecentralEyes Link Link
Flashcontrol Link
Go Back With Backspace Link
Grammarly Link Link
https Everywhere Link Link
Imagus Link Link
Iridium Link Link
LastPass Link Link
Lucky Link
Luminous Link Link
Midnight Lizard Link Link
Privacy Badger Link Link
Read Aloud Link Link
Reddit Masstagger Link Link
Reddit Pro Tools Link
Reddit Enhancement Suite Link Link
Refined GitHub Link Link
Refined Twitter Link
Remote Torrent Adder Link
Rescroller Link
Search by Image Link
Session Buddy Link
ShareX Link
SnapLinks Plus Link Link
Stylus Link Link
Tab Muter Link
Tildes Extended Link Link
Treestyle Tabs Link
uBlock Origin Link Link
uMatrix Link Link
Unpaywall Link Link
Vimium Link Link
Web Timer Link

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