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l2t mod guide copy

A couple of us were chatting about recent events and figured it would be a good idea to rattle off some of the things that go without saying. We've already had two ex-mods who clearly needed them said. /shrug

    1. CHILL. That should be your top priority at all times. This is the internet, it is not serious business. Don't let some dipshit issue on reddit that's going to vanish off of the page in three hours bother you, life's too short for that shit.
    1. Keep mod chat and this backroom confidential. Don't share this stuff with the rest of reddit. If you do, that shows you can't be trusted and we pretty much gotta axe you at that point. Even if you're just sharing petty bullshit, it's a trust issue, the content doesn't even matter.
    1. This goes triple for any other parts of reddit that have privileged access, such as /r/defaultmods. That not only makes us not trust you, it makes our mod team look like chumps to the rest of reddit.
    1. When in doubt about something, ask! Ain't nobody going to fault you for questions or because you're just learning the ropes. We weren't born knowing this shit so ask away.
    1. Be cool when dealing with other moderators. We're trying to weed this garden together, tempers may flare, if someone is having a bad day don't take them too seriously either.
    1. If there's a problem with a specific user and yourself, hand that shit off to another moderator to deal with, one who hasn't got anything invested in that mess. It makes it easier to be impartial.
    1. No special treatment. Mods gotta stick to their own rules, otherwise nobody is going to take any rules seriously. If there's something about the rules that's bugging you, post here and let's talk it over, and maybe change that rule for the better.
    1. Pay some attention to what the other mods say. Everyone's opinion is supposed to count, this isn't meant to be just a team of button clicking robots. Mods here all get a say in how things are run.
    1. No powertripping, period. That's just immature, you can do better. This is a stewardship, not ownership. Reddit owns this place, not us, and it's nothing without the admins that pay the bills and the users who come here to share music. Any credit that could be claimed by anyone in this place is spread far too thinly to justify a holier-than-thou attitude. If anyone gets to claim a boss attitude, it's radd.it - and he stepped down to avoid conflicts of interest. :P
    1. If despite your best efforts some shit does go down - especially if it's a conflict between mods - talk to a mod who's been here a year or more such as myself, astarkey12, multi-mod, boredop, or g_yore. Don't let things get to the point where someone has to leave the team before addressing concerns. When in doubt, sleep on it.
    1. Do not go begging for subreddit moderation invites from other members of our mod team, and do not be one of these crazy people collecting subreddit mod bits like they are some kind of new age pokemon. The more subs you mod, the less time you have to spend moderating here. We're not interested in part-timers. Having a couple other subs you moderate is fine, but not like 70 or 300!