Hard vs Soft Paywalls

Quick reference for paywall types of sites commonly submitted to Tildes:

Soft = Metered access
Hard = Subscriber only

Soft Paywall
The Atlantic - atlantic.com
Bloomberg - bloomberg.com
Los Angeles Times - latimes.com
Medium - medium.com
The New Statesman - newstatesman.com
The New Yorker - newyorker.com
The New York Times - nytimes.com
New York Magazine - nymag.com
Rolling Stone - rollingstone.com
The Sydney Morning Herald - smh.com.au
TIME - time.com
WIRED - wired.com

Hard Paywall
The Boston Globe - bostonglobe.com (hybrid, boston.com is free but only has older articles)
Business Insider - businessinsider.com (hybrid, they allow some free articles based on unspecified metrics)
The Economist - economist.com
Financial Times - ft.com
Forbes - forbes.com (hybrid, print articles are hard paywalled, forbes.com/sites/ ones are free)
Fortune - fortune.com
NewScientist - newscientist.com
Scientific American - scientificamerican.com
The Telegraph - telegraph.co.uk
USA Today - usatoday.com
The Wall Street Journal - wsj.com
The Washington Post - washingtonpost.com (hybrid, soft for some regions, hard for others) needs confirmation

Note: Some hard paywalled sites occasionally allow certain articles to be freely viewed even though most are still hard paywalled. A new "Hybrid" category could potentially be created for these, however since the majority of their content is still locked behind a hard paywall, and it's often difficult to know when an article will be free or not, it's probably best to still tag most of them as paywall.hard.

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