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Christopher Columbus' son had an enormous library. Its catalog was just found

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    Intro: A big takeaway for me:


    All Things Considered, · It's the stuff of a Hollywood blockbuster: Five hundred years ago, a son of Christopher Columbus assembled one of the greatest libraries the world has ever known. The volumes inside were mostly lost to history. Now, a precious book summarizing the contents of the library has turned up in a manuscript collection in Denmark.

    The newly discovered manuscript is "an absolutely gorgeous thing," says Edward Wilson-Lee, author of The Catalogue of Shipwrecked Books — a biography of Columbus' son Hernando Colón. "It's about the size of a coffee table book. It's almost a foot thick. It's 2,000 pages long in beautifully, beautifully clear handwriting."

    The reference volume, called the Libro de los Epítomes, was designed to help a user find books in the enormous library.

    A big takeaway for me:

    The most exciting thing about this is that many of the books that it summarizes will be books that are lost in every other form.

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