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    1. Please spoil Outer Wilds for me

      Warning: this post may contain spoilers

      Note: Outer Wilds, not The Outer Worlds.

      If you do not want the game spoiled for you, please do not read any further into this topic.

      I have given the game two honest tries, and I've stopped each time. I like what the game is offering, but I don't like playing it.

      What I'm wanting isn't just a traditional "spoiler" -- I can look up the plot and lore and details and such -- I'm more wanting to know about the full experience of playing the game. People talk about this game with the same awe and cultishness with which people talk about The Witness (which I loved). I saw a few glimpses of something that in my time in the game (e.g. the Quantum Tower puzzle). I've read so many comments warning me to not learn about the game and people wishing that they could play it again for the first time, that I know there's definitely something more here.

      Unfortunately, I'm not the player to discover that more.

      Thus, I'm hoping someone here can take me on their journey through the Outer Wilds instead. Tell me about what the game was like for you, how it unfolds, and, most importantly, what is it that makes people talk about the game the way that they do.

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