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Sarah Connor, in hiding before the war

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    A thing that has been on my mind recently is that when I first hit downtown San Diego as a homeless person, I was taking my cues concerning "acceptable" behavior as a homeless person from other homeless people and this got push back at times from folks who weren't homeless. We gradually began making more of an effort to pass for not homeless because our lives worked better if it wasn't so obvious we were homeless.


    Having a place to be for an hour once a week to get plugged in, charge your devices, get free wifi and a free cup of coffee and talk with people about building a financial future and what your dreams are -- this would be humanizing. This would be a constructive connection to society that most homeless currently lack.


    A lot of homeless people see no means to resolve their problems. They have no hope. They feel utterly helpless and like there isn't really anything they can do.

    A program with real hope of helping them establish an earned income that also provides them constructive connections to polite society restores something many homeless are currently bereft of and it does so in a way with a public signal.

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