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Less than 2% of Kentucky farms are Black-owned. This company is trying to change that

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  1. monarda

    "As long as you’re Black in America, there will be racial situations," Cleaver said. "But that’s something I’ve had to overcome. It does hurt. It stings, and a lot of times it slows you down, but you have to find ways to persevere."

    "There were times I couldn’t prove I was being treated differently because I was Black," he continued. "But I know we get left out of the opportunities because we're not in the know or among the clique."

    That's where Black Soil comes in.

    "Black Soil is like having a hype man," Cleaver said. "They’re always screaming your name. They've become a voice for us, which is important because the farmer already wears too many hats as it is."