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When Brayden Bushby was charged with the death of Barbara Kentner, Indigenous faith in Canada’s legal system was put to the test

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  1. DMBuce

    Bushby, whatever his state of mind, had not picked up that trailer hitch in a vacuum. His actions mirrored the society he was raised in, just as our court system so often reflects our failings back at us. In a city where missiles are thrown from vehicles, in a country where Indigenous women are disproportionately likely to be killed, an Indigenous woman was killed by a missile thrown from a vehicle. There’s a cold, causal logic there. When activists say that “racism kills,” this is, in part, what they mean—not a metaphor, not hyperbole. It’s an ecosystem of stereotypes and bad jokes that evolve into slurs and taunts, then eggings and tossed trash, then worse. The Bushby case was, in a way, itself a dense object thrown from a moving vehicle: heavy with velocity and kinetic energy even before its release. Finally, in the trial, it reached the point of impact.

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