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New Music Nordics – Album and EP releases for June 2022


Artist Title Format Released Genre Link
Annika Aakjær Esthers Orkester Album 2/6/22 Singer songwriter Spotify
Bbybites Don't Care… (But I Do) EP 10/6/22 Pop Spotify
ICEKIID Ingen Roser Uden Torne Album 3/6/22 Hip hop Spotify

Commentary: Quite the variety of styles with this month's Danish NMN contingent. It's definitely Bbybites who has caught the ears though. Rapper Martha Maj Hauptmann brings the attitude with her refreshing mix of pop and hip hop. Track “Whatever“ from her latest EP is on rotation.


Artist Title Format Released Genre Link
DANTCHEV:DOMAIN The Lions We Are Album 1/6/22 Folk Bandcamp
IANAI Sunir Album 10/6/22 Folk Bandcamp

Commentary: IANAI's debut album really does defy genre classification, with its epic soundscapes influenced by folk music from across the globe. The talent found on “Sunir” is nothing to be sniffed at either, with guest appearances from HIM, Sisters of Mercy and Massive Attack to name a few.


Artist Title Format Released Genre Link
Fjara Surfdays EP 10/6/22 Surf rock Spotify
Hugrún Post-Apocalyptic Love Songs EP 23/6/22 Indie pop Spotify
Una Torfa Flækt Og Týnd Og Einmana EP 10/6/22 Singer songwriter Spotify

Commentary: This might become my new obsession. After unexpectedly discovering some Finnish surf rock last month, this month it's the turn of Iceland. Check out the acoustic title track from Fjara – whose name translates to beach/shore – on their brand-new EP “Surfdays”.


Artist Title Format Released Genre Link
Jorn Over The Horizon Radar Album 17/6/22 Hard rock href+
Khold Svartsyn Album 24/6/22 Black metal href+

Commentary: Jørn Lande is back with a new studio album, five years since 2017's “Life On Death Road”. Where “Over The Horizon Radar“ lacks in innovation or even boundary pushing, it makes up for in familiar power vocals and eleven solid melodic metal songs.


Artist Title Format Released Genre Link
Bells Fell Silent The Soil And The Hammering Beat Album 3/6/22 Indie rock Bandcamp
Benjamin Ingrosso Playlist Album 17/6/22 Pop href+
Big Fish Kalla Döda Drömmar Album 18/6/22 Experimental rock Spotify
Darkane Inhuman Spirits Album 24/6/22 Extreme metal Spotify
Iamamiwhoami Be Here Soon Album 3/6/22 Electronic Bandcamp
INVSN Let The Night Love You Album 3/6/22 Post punk Bandcamp
Neneh Cherry The Versions Album 10/6/22 Hip hop href+
Oscar Enestad Drömmar Album 3/6/22 Pop Spotify
Seventh Wonder The Testament Album 10/6/22 Prog metal href+
Theoz Paradis EP 17/6/22 Pop Spotify
Tove Styrke HARD Album 3/6/22 Pop Spotify
Tungsten Bliss Album 17/6/22 Power metal Spotify

Commentary: It's been thirty-three years since Neneh Cherry's debut album “Raw Like Sushi” released. Her latest album “The Versions” sees a cast of current-day female vocalists give re-workings to tracks from that seminal album and others to admittedly varying degrees of success.

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