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‘A hot, flaming mess’: Georgia primary beset by chaos, long lines

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    From the article:

    From the article:

    And amid the problematic in-person voting, the state is also undergoing a massive expansion in mail-in balloting. Raffensperger’s office mailed active voters in the state a ballot request form, and as of Monday a record 943,000 Georgians returned their absentee ballot. He said that typically, around 40,000 voters vote by mail, a well over 20-fold increase. Absentee ballots that are returned by the time polls close on Election Day will count.

    “We were able to stand up a very robust absentee ballot program,” Raffensperger said in an interview with POLITICO on Monday, prior to Tuesday's events. “Typically, 7 percent of all Georgians vote absentee. This year, it’ll probably be well north of 75 percent.”

    With the heavy mail balloting, Raffensperger projected that anywhere from 250,000 to 400,000 people could vote in person on Tuesday. Some voters said they never received an absentee ballot that they requested, which may drive additional people to polling places. The secretary of state’s office said earlier this week they were investigating that problem.

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