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The Final Kick - Reactions to the 1994 World Cup Final (Brazil - Italy), shot in forty countries!

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  1. culturedleftfoot
    From the video description:

    From the video description:

    On 17 July 12.30 local time in Los Angeles, the final match of the 1994 World Cup, the final between Brazil and Italy, was kicked off in the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, USA. Almost two billion people watched this event live on TV.

    The documentary "The Final Kick" brings together the most dramatic moments of the final with the reactions of TV viewers all over the world - for example in a Dominican monastery in the Czech Republic or in front of a big screen in Beijing Central station, in the harem (with 50 wives) of the most famous folk singer from Cameroon, at the fish market in Seoul, in a prison in Minsk, at a reindeer farm in Lapland, at the Copa Cabana of Rio, in a Cantina of Turin, in an oasis in the Sultanate of Oman and many other places. The cinematic observations at different locations rise until the climax of this unique worldwide ritual, whose last act is the penalty shootout.

    For this logistical high performance, local film teams simultaneously shot in 40 countries - a unique undertaking so far. The shooting operation was coordinated from Cologne in Germany. This in many respects unique sports documentary has been broadcasted in 20 countries so far. Now it is time to show it on YouTube and worldwide. In 1995, the film was awarded the Adolf Grimme Prize, one of Germany's most prestigious television awards.

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