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Ajit Pai knew DDoS claim was false in January, says he couldn’t tell Congress

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    Damn, do I hate this man. It makes me happy to see that senators are not going easy on him as he is trying to place the blame on his CIO. Thank you, Senator. So, he acknowledges that he suspected...

    Damn, do I hate this man. It makes me happy to see that senators are not going easy on him as he is trying to place the blame on his CIO.

    "I guess what I'm looking for is some measure of accountability as the chairman," Schatz told Pai. "I understand you were in a difficult position, but I can't imagine that there was not another way to thread this needle and deal with us in our oversight capacity."

    Thank you, Senator.

    And then your CIO said that it was a DDoS attack, and yet [Sen.] Ron Wyden and I and others in the legislative ranks said that doesn't make any sense; the tech community said that doesn't make any sense. I think a lot of people's first instinct was that it didn't make any sense. I understand your reliance on your CIO; I don't blame you for that. My question is, did you have any doubt at any time before the [OIG] report came out a couple of weeks ago?

    Pai answered that he initially assumed the outage was caused by the John Oliver-related surge in comments. "My assumption [in May 2017] was that it was John Oliver's viewers," Pai said.

    So, he acknowledges that he suspected that the large surge in traffic was due to John Oliver's coverage of Net Neutrality. He acknowledges that John Oliver's show has had a significant impact on the site in the past. Yet, he completely rolled with narrative that it was absolutely a DDOS attack. Not a possibility, he spoke as if it was a certainty. Yet, there was an ongoing investigation as to whether there actually was a DDOS attack? He has said repeatedly over the last few months that a DDOS attack happened, with certainty, and that gave them the narrative that the comment site had been compromised allowing them to repeal Net Neutrality. I'm not buying any of this and at the least he needs to be removed for ineffective leadership.

    Pai did not face any criticism from Republicans on the Senate Commerce Committee today about the FCC's DDoS lies. Committee Chairman John Thune (R-S.D.) mentioned the inspector general's conclusions in his opening statement and said he "look[s] forward to hearing how the commission will prevent this in the future." But Thune made that comment only after praising Pai for his "leadership to improve the openness and transparency of commission processes," and he did not ask Pai any direct questions about the false statements to Congress during the hearing.

    Color me surprised. I wasn't able to watch the coverage, did our Congressmen actually sound like they kind of had an idea as to what they were talking about? Or was it basically the Zuckerberg hearing all over again?

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