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Military Grade Encryption Won’t Save You, or Your Business

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  1. ThatFanficGuy

    From Hollywood flicks dropping buzzwords like encryption, VPN, private keys, along with the vendors who must now convince the public to hype up product sales, the ultimate message that gets communicated inadvertently (or deliberately) comprises half-baked distorted assumptions.

    My point is that the security industry has done a poor job of communicating what is secure and what isn’t to a layperson, whereas the mainstream game-players in charge of assuring customer security i.e.
    banks and online businesses, continue to confuse the public with their choice of weird sounding domain names and inconsistencies when it comes to practicing security.

    Military-grade encryption as implemented and marketed by VPN vendors, SSL certificate issuers and ‘secure’ apps, is no exception. Assuming the technology is indeed unbreakable and secure given today’s resources, it is truly the ‘weakest link’ surrounding encryption that matters.