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Heat List - Chicago PD automated policing program got this man shot twice

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  1. DMBuce

    In McDaniel’s view, the heat list caused the harm its creators hoped to avoid: it predicted a shooting that wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t predicted the shooting.

    Cops would just use the list as a way to target people.

    A spot on the heat list could potentially get people deported — or sent to prison for inappropriately long sentences.

    In August 2020, McDaniel found himself on the wrong side of a gun again.

    The irony here is breathtaking and entirely foreseeable. The heat list may have been designed to reduce violence, but for McDaniel, he says it brought violence directly to him. It got him all the negative ramifications of being an informant — a snitch — with none of the benefits.

    He can’t trust anyone. Nowhere’s safe. Everyone’s a potential threat.

    “I got this target on my back,” he says.

    And there’s no way to remove it.

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